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Oreo Glass- Walnut Short Pet Bowl


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The glass bowl, plastic base, and wooden legs
Glass bowl x 1
Plastic base x 1
Wooden leg x 3

Size Tip
How to find the right height for my furry friend?
1) Make a tower of books or boxes at an appropriate height.


2) Put a bowl on top of the books/boxes.


3) Let your pet eat. Observe and adjust the right height at which your pets find it the most comfortable to eat.


4) Choose the Oreo table size with the closest height as the measured height.

Size guide
For Indoor-only pets
*For indoor uses only

Glass Bowl
Diameter: 173mm
Inside height: 40mm
Total height: 50mm
Water capacity: 500ml

Oreo Glass- S
Table legs: Short
Diameter: 180mm
Inside height: 40mm
Total height: 136mm
Height from base to leg: 81mm

Table legs
Total height
Tall: 119mm

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